Trending Predictions In The Kitchen For 2014

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Some things change. Some things make a come back. As I search through Houzz, Pinterest, Zillow and all the articles on tips for kitchen decor, there is a wide variety of trends flying high. Some I expected to see. Some I didn’t. The kitchen is usually the hang out area for many friends and families.  Homeowners are starting to take notice and put money into the heartbeat of their home. Here is what I see happening this year.

(Some of these photos will even overlap other trends spoken of)

1. Black counter tops in granite or quartz are being matched with light or white for a stunning contrast. Homeowners can take even the simplest kitchen and add flair and sophistication.

blackcounters black

2. Grey made a strong splash last year and continues it’s reign into 2014.  Displaying your kitchen tools is desired at the moment.  Open shelves & glass-front cabinets are being showcased in new builds and allows the homeowner to display their wares for the world to see.  I had previously posted about this on my FB page and feedback showed that friends loved this but worried about how organized they could keep the look.  Your thoughts?

openshelves grey

3. Mixing your woods.  Don’t worry if your cabinets are cherry and you want dark counter tops or floors.  Mixing and matching is making kitchens feel homier and still looking warm, sleek or however you want.  Before I used to say, don’t be afraid to add a little color, now I am telling you not to be afraid of “mixing it up!”

mxing1 mixing openshelves1

4.  COPPER. That’s right I said it.  Don’t be afraid of a little gold or a little metal. An agent once made me laugh by making the statement with his hands moving in a sweeping motion that, “Chrome is timeless.”  Although I do agree that it is safe, a little copper in your home can construe elegance and/or old fashioned familiarity all at the same time.

copperbalckspalsh copper kitchencoppersink

5. Plain White Subway Tile.  It works with color. It works neutral.  It’s simple. It’s classy.  There’s not much to say about except I’ve seen it in photos, seen it in person and more often than less.  I have yet to hear someone claim they don’t love it or are not thinking about doing it somewhere in their own home.

subwaymixing subwaytile subwaytiles